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AF Insights believes everyone has the potential to grow, improve and achieve their dreams. By using me and investing in yourself you can achieve whatever you desire. Run on simple coaching principles I believe they are enough to unlock your potential. The relationship with me should feel like you are just coming for a conversation rather than to be coached. My hope is that the conversation is always valuable to you, if you don’t feel that it is I am not doing my job. The right relationship is fundamental for change to occur and this should be built on trust, respect, honesty and openness qualities which are core to our business.  I want my coaching to be a pleasurable experience for the client, where you leave feeling lighter and with a productive way forward.

Contact me, I can help you. There will be no hard sell. I only want to work with who wants to work with me.  From that conversation you will know if I’m a good fit for you.


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Helping Small Businesses To Find Right Way For The Last 42 Years

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Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of these questions are dependent on the size and scale of the issue/goal you want, therefore it is difficult to price / estimate timescale without a conversation to determine the detail.

How long will the process take?

The normal structure is 1-2 hour long sessions to size the project and formulate the plan.  From the plan we will agree check in’s that suit you.  That will determine your timeline.

Where are you based?

I am based in Aberdeenshire but can travel to the client’s workspace or we can meet in a mutually agreeable place. As usually if doing business coaching I need to do some observation work. Travel costs are charged to the customer but will be agreed ...

AF Insights is me

Athole Forbes

Founder / CEO

Athole Forbes

Founder / CEO

AF Insights is me

I am Athole Forbes.  AF Insights is my company.  Let’s start with the fundamentals.  I am a mother and farmer’s wife both of which I think give me a grounding in areas outside work of which you can sometimes not control!

Workwise the majority of my career has been in the oil industry, the last 11 years with an oil major.  The benefit of a large company is variety and breadth of different people you come across and have to work with to implement ideas and projects.  This has made me very flexible in my approach whilst aware of tools and procedures that have to be followed.  I spent 3 years offshore, when I was usually the only female there, I learned immensely from it.  The opportunities I had allowed me to investigate and establish where my skill set lay and where I can add value.  Through my various roles coaching people and working with teams commonly fell out as a strength.  Therefore I decided to start my own company doing what I enjoy and being valuable to people. Why do I do this?  I do it because I love people and personally find it very rewarding enabling someone to get where they want to.  Also I have had special people in my life that have enabled me and know how valuable I have found it.  The value of someone else’s perspective and eyes should never be underestimated.  Sometimes you can be so close to something you can’t see the obvious.  That’s why I do this to help you see the way forward.