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The Value of Showing Up as YOU

Growing Your Business

People buy from people they know, like and trust. Being yourself means you are always authentic. Which creates an honest real connection.

Those connections create strong relationships with the right people who will grow with you and your business.

Increasing Your Network

When you are being authentic it creates a connection. That connection whether through speaking, writing content, creating videos or training all extend your network. You want people to feel something about you.

Building Relationships

Relationship building is the core of your business and in fact your life. The quality of your life is judged on the quality of the relationships you form. Meaningful relationships are formed when you truly show up as you. When you do others do as well. creating strong connections and relationships. When people see who YOU are it sparks the right conversations.


"Athole is a passionate and driven professional...I would recommend her any day"

Roy P Bitris PhD



"Has the attitude and passion to help, and the skills to motivate... highly recommend her"

Sheryl Newman

"Quick, articulate, and to the point...would not hesitate to refer Athole's services"

Drew Westwood

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AF Insights is my company. AF is me, Athole Forbes, and my insights are what you get, always looking from the outside in giving you that perspective to support you connecting.

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